Thursday, July 19, 2018

Floating Man

First off my name is fake because no one has ever believed me. I live on...

The Bride Ghost

I work at Cabel Huntington hospital in Huntington, WV. My encounter happened on 5th Street Hill...

Unidentified Noise

My family, the Clay family, stayed in the Group Camp at Cabwaylingo State Forest for...

Flying Creeper

It was starting to get dark and I was fishing at Cabwaylingo Park. I decided...

Unidentified Footprints on the Roof

While driving home one night in Glen Jean, WV, I noticed two shiny eyes in...

The Cabin Orb

I was visiting my great aunt around 2 years ago in Huntington. My now passed...

1913 Grim Reaper

In the Fall of 1996, I was living in Huntington, WV sharing an apartment with...

Hilltop Mansion in Harpers Ferry

In early March of 2017, my friends and I decided we wanted to explore a...

The Grafton Monster

Should you find yourself near the river, listen carefully for a whistling sound. It may...

Belington Ghost

This happened in December of 2007 in Belington, WV when I was seventeen. My girlfriend and...

Who is in Cabin 2?

I and my best friend Violet decided to stay at Cabwaylingo park for a week,...

Haunted Weston

I am a paranormal investigator, I was expecting ghost encounters on this investigation, but not...

Spruce Creek Ghost

My family of eight and my sister's family of three took off to camp in...

The Haunting of Cabin 13 at Cabwaylingo

My Family went and stayed at Cabwaylingo state forest in 2015 for the first time...

Strange Sounds at Coopers Creek

I grew up in Coopers Creek in Kanawha County, WV. I lived up a holler...

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Road Branch Grade School Ghost

Road Branch Grade School Ghost

My mom was having a baby shower for my little sister who was going to be born in two months. My girlfriend and two of her cousins and I went upstairs to the school. We walked to the top of the stairs and we saw things running across the...
Raising The Dead

Raising The Dead

Protector Of Our House

Protector Of Our House

Quincy Hill Ghost

Quincy Hill Ghost

Protective Uncle

Protective Uncle

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