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The Shadow People

The Shadow People

I have lived in the small town of Burlington my whole life. Burlington is rich in history that is extremely hard to find. One...
One Night On Poca River

One Night On Poca River

When I was about 16 years old, I had a good friend of mine named John Mitchell Burdette or “Mitch” for short. We both...
Log Cabin 1766

Log Cabin 1766

We bought a house which was also a log cabin that was built in 1766. It was located on WV 9, 3 miles west...


My family and I were staying at Twin Falls State Park one year and decided to hike one of the trails. This trail was...
Grocery Store Ghost

Grocery Store Ghost

I refuse to mention the grocery stores by name but 7 years ago I was a manager at one in Southern West Virginia. It...