CHH Hallway Ghost

Cabell Huntington Hospital Hallway Ghost
Cabell Huntington Hospital / Stock Photo
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I was with my daughter at Cabell Huntington Hospital sitting in the ultrasound waiting room. I saw plain as day a dark-haired child walk down the hall. The side of the waiting room against the hall was glass and I saw this little boy in a red and white striped shirt, who looked like a normal living kid, walk behind where a couple was sitting. I could still see the top of this kid’s head behind the couple, but by the time he got to where he should have been completely seen again, he had disappeared. Poof Gone!

I ran out in the hallway to see if there was a door or hall or somewhere where this kid could have managed to go without me seeing, but nothing. There was nowhere for him to have gone. I even walked the way he came from and never did see him. I was beyond Spooked!

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