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Help Us Get The Word Out!

Did you know that according to a West Virginia census that was taken in 2015, there are 1.84 million people in West Virginia? Out of the 1.84 million people, there have been roughly 56 thousand people visit West Virginia Ghosts from within West Virginia since 1999. That is roughly 3% of the entire population of West Virginia. The majority of our visitors are from other states and countries. Just imagine if we could reach 15, 25, or even 50% of the people! We would have a HUGE archive of stories! Unfortunately, although we have been online for nearly 20 years, there are still magnitudes of people within the state that still don’t know that this website exists. We need your help!

Being that this is a not-for-profit website, we don’t have the funds to apply top notch marketing to reach everyone across the state. This is where you can help! Studies show that word of mouth goes a lot further than marketing. Face it, people hate advertisements and they use AD Blockers to get around them.

Our goal at West Virginia Ghosts is to reach everybody that we possibly can and show them that there is a small place on the web that they can visit and submit their true paranormal encounters and that they have a safe haven to talk with like-minded people. Our story archive is getting dusty and we need to wipe off the cobwebs by publishing new paranormal encounters for everyone to enjoy. We cannot accomplish this on our own, we need your help! We have multiple ideas on how you can help us get the word out and we have listed them below.

Social Sharing

Most people these days use popular Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Reddit, and many others. Throughout our website, we include sharing links to easily allow you to share content with your friends, family, fans, and followers. If you find something interesting, please share it and help get the word out about the content that you were interested in. If you are a member of a West Virginia based Social Network group or page, let them know how spooky West Virginia Ghosts is.

You can also provide a lot of help just by sharing the main website address on your Social Networks or by creating an awesome YouTube video talking about a story that you found interesting or about the entire website in general. We may even feature your video on our Social Networks for people to check out!

Your Websites and Blogs

If you have a website or a blog, we encourage you to publish an entry about West Virginia Ghosts or on something you found really interesting on the website. If you have an Amazon Affiliates account, you could even link to the “True West Virginia Ghost Stories” book on Amazon and generate some extra revenue!

Email Marketing

Not many people send out newsletters, especially the general public. However, if you do, we would love if you would do a mini section on West Virginia Ghosts and help introduce your subscribers to our website.


The web has many twists and turns and expands much larger than the Social Networks. There are places like Topix, Message Boards, and a vast amount of other ways that you can leave comments. We DO NOT encourage you to spam. If you are a member of a website or visit a website that allows you to comment, and a topic is related to our website, we would love if you would give West Virginia Ghosts a mention.

Campus Posters and Other Printed Media

If you are a college student or have access to public bulletin boards, print out some posters or flyers and hang them up around campus.

Offline Word of Mouth

You may run across people every day in your daily travels be it going to work, college, or to the grocery store. If you run across someone that loves the paranormal and especially a good true story, tell them about West Virginia Ghost. They might just have a killer story to share!

Thank You!

There are a lot of ways to help us get the word out by word of mouth as we have mentioned above. You can be as creative as you like! If you have any ideas that can help us out, feel free to send them to us. We want to say thank you for taking a part in this and for helping us reach the deepest hollers of this great Mountain State. With your help, we can dust off the cobwebs and build a tremendous resource for everyone to enjoy!

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