The Lantern Ghost

The Lantern Ghost
Author Submission / Jessica

This isn’t my story and I didn’t witness it but my mom told me about it. I’m not really sure but I believe it was a Fall night around 10:00, about 10 years ago, my mom was out on the porch talking on the phone to my aunt. I was at my computer and my sister was watching TV. My mom shouted for us to come outside. My sister went to her and I heard them both run in the hallway. My sister ran over to our sliding door and looked.

“Where did he go? He disappeared.” I heard my mom say.

“There is nobody walking up the road.” I heard my sister say.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“I was out talking on the phone when I saw a man wearing a white t-shirt packing something in his hand and a lantern in the other hand. He had on a baseball cap but when he got to our mailbox he just disappeared.” My mom explained while being freaked out.

“That’s spooky,” I said.

“I’ll call Jenny and see if she saw him,” my mom said while dialing the phone.

When she got off the phone she told us that the neighbor didn’t see anything but a light shining in our old driveway. We couldn’t see the light but she could. We never did see that Ghost again but our house has plenty of stories to tell, but maybe another day and time.

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