WV Wendigo Creature

WV Wendigo Creature
Wendigo / AI Generated

This may seem farfetched at best, but try to have an open mind. Based on some of my own experiences, a little research on the topic, and reading several stories here from the Cryptozoology section, I believe a Wendigo-like creature lives in the deep woods of West Virginia.

Basic Info

The original Wendigo is from northern Native American tribes so I am not saying the creatures are the same, but they do share many characteristics. From what I understand the creatures physiology is tall (5’ – 7’) and very gaunt or sickly thin in some descriptions, not bulky at all like a bear, werewolf or bigfoot or any other normal / paranormal species. It is supposed to have pale grey skin or pale grey fur, canine teeth showing, red or black eyes, bipedal dog-like legs but long lanky arms humanoid hands with claws, and the head can be like a twisted fanged man or animalistic usually canine-like.

The beast is a carnivore with an unending hunger for flesh. Feeds on man, animals, any living creature. Could be solitary or in small pack. Often said to growl, grunt, moan, and have a blood-curdling scream like a banshee. Live in dark, damp, isolated areas like caves, abandoned mines, or forest reclaimed structures.

The beast is a “spirit of gluttony, greed, and wrath” associated with cannibalism. According to Native American folklore, the Wendigo is literally a spirit of malice that possess man and creatures, distorting them and driving them mad to kill and feed. Only seen from dusk until dawn while the sun is down. Which suggests it is nocturnal and intolerant of lights. Can invade dreams and cause night terrors, and may be able to speak human tongue though I doubt anyone would wish to be so close to said creature. While it does share characteristics with werewolves, keep in mind this creature is supposed to be different in form and actions.

A few stories on this site I think may be describing a Wendigo are Kyawiley Wildthing, The Black Thing in Lewis County, White Thing of Ragland, and Beast in the Night.

My Story

My own experiences with the creature are very brief but on a couple occasions. The first time I was around ten or so playing in the woods around my home in Ona of Cabell County. There are several expanses of thick woods, tall hills, and deep valley hollers. The sun just started going down below the hills and I was walking back on one of the trails, I got the feeling I was being followed the whole way back and about the time I crossed the creek and into the open field where my house was I heard crashing in the woods behind me. I ran to my house and slammed the door behind me, looking out the window, I remember thinking I saw a tall, thin, pale bipedal dog-like thing peeking out from behind a tree on the opposite side of the creek before vanishing into nothing, but I was young so I marked it up to imagination.

My second encounter was during high school while out bow hunting late in the evening nearing dark. Once more, I was walking out of the same woods and I heard a blood-curdling scream that echoed from a couple hills over. I assumed it was some animal that I was not familiar with and I just walked home calm but curious and that was that.

The third and last time so far that I had a possible experience was during rifle season when I was about 20 years old in 2011. I was out in Salt Rock, WV in a deep dark holler. After hunting all day, I did not see a single animal. Nothing. No squirrel, no deer, a few birds but sparse. As dark was approaching, I was frustrated and just hiking out of the hollow and about 3/4 the way back to my vehicle, I heard movement behind me up on the ridge top to my right. I stopped, looked around, and listened. I looked through my scope and saw nothing.

I kept on walking and about 5 minutes later with about 10 to 15 minutes of sunlight left, I heard something up on the ridge top again. I looked over and saw what I thought was a pack of 4 or 5 coyote following me about 70 yards up the hill and about 100 yards back just peaking over the ridge top through the trees and brush. I had a 270 with me. I made sure it was loaded and took my safety off and aimed up at the animals to see if they were coyote, dog, deer, or what. These were not coyote, nor dogs, nor man, not even wolf which are not even in WV anymore. What I saw instantly flashed me back to when I saw that pale bipedal dog creature when I was 10. Pale greyish skin/fur, lanky arms, and a dog-like head with canine teeth showing.

I fired at it and then fired again. I kept my loaded gun in my hands and climbed up and out of the woods at a quick but safe pace while listening behind me the whole time. As I reached my car, I heard something coming towards me from the valley I was just in so I turned and fired again as a warning shot. I got to my car and left with my nerves on high, still pumping with adrenaline from the fight/flight instinct.

I got home and after calming down my hunter instinct kicked in and I feel bad for shooting at the unknown creature because it is hard to accept that I saw what I saw. My brain wanted to say it was a wild dog or a deer, but it was not. However, I could not just let it be wounded if it was an animal. The next day I go back and look for blood, tracks, or any sign of movement through the area. I found nothing at all. The squirrel were back in the area this day. So I just counted it as a freak moment and let it be until I started reading up on it a while later. Definitely strange things out there, just cannot say for sure what. My guess a Wendigo-type creature.

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