Valentine Ghost

Valentine Ghost
Valentine Ghost / Rachel Rose

It was 1995 and I was 16 and had my first boyfriend, I’ll call him James. James was 18 and had a 77 Charger and took me out to the Valentines dance at our high school. We had fun and James promised to have me home at 10. We said our goodbyes and headed home. We got stuck by a wreck and was running a little late. As we approached Webb road it got so foggy. We slowed down and thought we saw car lights pulled off the side of the road.

In the road stood a girl in a pink old fashioned looking dress with a crown on and it looked like blood all over her dress. A guy was laying on the ground. James pulled above them and jumped out. As I opened my door I heard James say, “Where they go? What happened?”. I approached the end of the car where James stood and the other car was gone and the people were gone.

We both got back into the car and were confused. We never said a word till we got to my driveway and James said, “Was that real? Were we dreaming?”

We never told anyone about that night. I did a few years later after the Internet was big and found an article about a wreck in that area where on Valentine’s day the boy wrecked and was decapitated and the girl lived but was in an Asylum, but committed suicide the year we saw the ghost. I will never forget that Valentine’s night!

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