The Haunting of Cabin 13 at Cabwaylingo

The Haunting at Cabin 13 at Cabwaylingo
Cabin at Cabwaylingo State Forest / Stock Photo

My Family went and Stayed at Cabwaylingo state forest in 2015 for he first time ever. First off we were from Ohio and didn’t know what to expect. When we arrived we were staying in cabin #7, but there was a plumbing problem. Six hours later we were moved to cabin 13 on the hill, the name of it was Somer’s cabin. I loved that it was upon a hill, and the scenery and the quietness. This cabin had a loft so me and my sister Fayth climbed up and slept.

Sometime around 3 am there was a loud banging on the door. I peeked down as my dad entered the livingroom. “Who’s there?” My dad shouted. Silence. He shouted again¬†and peeked out the window. He said nobody was there and to go back to sleep. Close to 6 am we were awaken by crying. Once again I peeked down from the loft. My dad opened the door this time but nobody was there. So we all went back to sleep, 30 minutes later there was a banging at the door again. My dad ran in and screamed, “Go away!”

Later that day the security guard came around to bring us wood. We told him about it and he said it might be locals fooling around. Everything went good that day till we went to bed. Around 3 am it started all over again. We were beyond frightened. We just huddled in my parents’ bed till morning. We left there never to return. I do not know the story behind this but, I know it’s true.

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