Fort Mulligan

Fort Mulligan
Fort Mulligan / Stock Photo

Fort Mulligan located in Petersburg, WV is a beautiful spot with a lovely view of the town itself. It sets above the Grant Memorial Hospital and thankfully, can be visited without much interference from other people. My mother and I have always studied the paranormal and since I was a child, have been “sensitive”.

We decided one day to “investigate” the Fort and I was more than eager to go since I love anything paranormal and am also a history buff (reenactor for 18 years). We go up and decided to get an overall feel for the place. I’ve been up many times, but this time it was a feeling that we shouldn’t be there like we were almost trespassing. I shrugged it off as we continued on inside.

My mother decided it best to walk the main trail around and while we were walking her and I both heard what sounded like someone walking behind us. I turned around several times but seen nothing. We would start walking again and they could clearly hear the sound pick back up. This continued on until we reached the back side of the fort right passed the “Sally Port”.

We heard what sounded like a distinct “tap tap tap tap” of a drum. My mother and I both were stunned and decided it was best to do an EVP session. After we compiled our findings we were surprised and excited to hear a response.

My mother said, “Are you the one playing the drums?” Within 2-3 seconds a clear voice responds, “I am.”

We continued on the trail which leads inside of the fort and did our last EVP session of the day. My mother did an EVP session and asked, “Is there anything you would like to say, anything at all?”

You could hear what sounded like someone walking through snow, the “crunch” of the snow could be clearly heard (we were there during the summer) and after about 5 seconds a gruff stern voice says, “GET OUT!”

None of the pictures showed anything, but those EVPs are something I think about almost every day.

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