Quincy Hill Ghost

Quincy Hill Ghost
Quincy Park Steps / John Burns

In the early 50’s I lived in a strange old house located in Parkersburg, WV.

It was located halfway up Quincy Hill all by itself. From the time my family moved in that place I felt scared. As though something watched me all the time.

One cold morning as I prepared for school, in the small bathroom I glanced in the mirror and saw an old man with long gray hair glaring at me.

I screamed and lost my balance as I turned to get out of the bathroom and fell on the heater.

To this day I carry an “L” shaped scar on the back of my left leg as a reminder of that very unpleasant encounter.

I also remember being home alone on a school day with the flu. I was feverish and decided to go get some hot cocoa in the kitchen.

I opened the cupboard door to get the can of Hershey’s down. I felt something touch my shoulder. I dropped the can and as I turned, I saw just the skirt of a long dress disappear out the porch door.

Needless to say, I was glad we only stayed in that place a short time. Even my mother who wasn’t afraid of anyone or anything never liked the house.

I don’t know if that house is still there or not.

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