Wetzel Co Bigfoot?

Wetzel Co Bigfoot?
Bigfoot / Stock Photo

This happened to me personally sometime during the summer of 2006, possibly 2007, and up until reading a few stories of Bigfoot encounters on here never realized how lucky I might have been.

This takes place in a relatively secluded section of Wetzel County. I had recently lost my vehicle and my only form of transport was by ATV. I would drive my 4-wheeler out to a friend’s taking ridge tops and bike trails, always steering clear of main highways. Well, one night I had stayed at my friend’s house a little later than usual and was heading home around 1 am. If you have ever been on a ridge top on an ATV at night, then you know how dark, isolated and vulnerable you are.

I was already hesitant to drive back so late, compounded by the fact that I had almost emptied the main tank of fuel and might have to switch to the reserve tank to get home. I was riding along the ridge, completely surrounded by trees and foliage, well away from ANY homes or people. I had to stop to check to make sure I had my phone and belongings, and as I was sitting there idling I heard loud thrashing and movement coming from the hillside above the trail. This alone was not enough to scare me as I just brushed it off as normal wood noises or an animal.

Continuing down the path, I came to a section where the foliage was particularly dense on both sides of the trail. I had to slow down a bit to ensure safety, and just as I was passing through the thick of it, a large rock (boulder really) a bit smaller than a woman’s basketball came sailing over top of the foliage and had I not hit the brakes rather suddenly it would most likely have struck me on the head and knocked me right off or killed me outright.

Suddenly I was in full fight or flight mode. My mind had barely registered what it had seen before it was telling me to GO. I obliged and hammered down, wanting to at least get off this trail and on to a less isolated road. Well, I made it about a half a mile, to where the trail connected back to a more used road. It was here that the ATV began to sputter, running out of fuel. I HAD to stop, the engine had shut off and I reached over to switch to reserve. Sitting in the dark, only red brake lights on the trail behind and straight ahead lights on the path ahead, pushing the ignition hoping it would start, I was petrified. I heard heavy footfall in the woods on the side of the path the rock had come from, could see tree limbs shaking and moving headed my way.

Not my manliest moment, but I will admit that I vomited on the path out of fear. After using choke, the bike fired up and I honestly don’t remember driving home. Nothing further happened to me but I NEVER was out that late riding WV ridges alone ever again and if you plan to, walk softly but carry a big stick. Preferably a stick that fires bullets.

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