Unidentified Footprints on the Roof

Unidentified Footprints
Unidentified Footprints / Michelle Riser

While driving home one night in Glen Jean, WV, I noticed two shiny eyes in my headlights on the side of the road. As I approached closer, my headlights hit what I can only describe as a black fur covered ape-like animal. It was crouched over on the side of the road and it peered sideways over its shoulder. It was flat-faced and its arms looked longer than it’s back legs. It threw its arm over its head backward to throw it’s body over the embankment behind it to escape the light. It appeared to be 5 to 6 feet tall and very agile. For days I looked and didn’t see it again until it snowed here in WV.

Close to where I had seen the creature I looked over and saw footprints in the snow on the roof of a building. I immediately turned around and saw footprints from the side of the road that led right up to the building, very close. Then it seemed to have jumped vertically from a standing position up onto the roof at least 8 feet high. The prints went across the slope of the roof and over to the other side. The prints had what appeared to be 2 long toes and a thumb out to the side with a heel print. It looked like it walked on two legs. The prints were larger than my adult nephew’s hand opened fully.

Later that night I drove by and there were more prints where it had been on the roof again. We are all hunters and fishermen in this area and many family members have lots of years in these woods and no one could identify the prints.

I have since seen new footprints in the fresh snow on that roof. So it remains in my area. Neighbors also complained of an unidentified screaming/moaning sound in the woods at night.

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