White Thing

White Thing
White Creature / Stock Photo

It was mid-January in Four States, West Virginia and I was walking through the woods. I heard something rustling in the brush about 100 yards away. I walked up a right-of-way to see what it was. I wish I‘d stayed home.

As I topped the right-of-way, what appeared to be a large white bear was walking along the ridge line. I stopped dead in my tracks at the sight of it. I moved over the hill and was about 50 yards from the beast. I crouched down and watched it for two or three minutes. I then tried to work my way down the hill and back to my house. Well, when I stood up the beast saw me and stood up on its hind legs and ran off the top of the ridge into the woods. I’ve never saw it again. I don’t really know what this thing is and would really like to find out. I’ve had friends tell me I’m crazy, others tell me it was just an albino bear, but I know better it was like nothing I had ever seen in my life.

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