Bobby’s Guardian Angel

Bobby’s Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel / Stock Photo

In my other submissions to this site, I have mentioned West Virginian spirits or “ghosts” that seem to follow me around the country. This, too, is one of those instances.

In 1989, my daughter was on her way to the hospital to deliver a baby boy, in hard labor. It was after dark in December. Her husband had just stopped at a stop sign at an intersection and as he started through, my daughter heard my mother, her grandmother say in a very sharp voice, “V_____, get your head up!”

My daughter immediately jerked her head off the passenger side window, just as a 16 year old driver ran the stop sign and hit their car on her side. My daughter made the rest of the trip to the hospital in an ambulance, and promptly delivered a baby boy. We have always known it was her Grandmother because only my mother called her that particular version of her first name.

We have since referred to the child born that winter night as “Grandma’s special delivery”. We know she saved my daughter’s life, even though she died in 1983 in Parkersburg, West Virginia.

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