Weird Footprint Found In Creek Bed Near Milton, WV

Weird Footprint Found In Creek Bed Near Milton, WV
Kids by a Creek / Stock Photo
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In the summer of 2002, my four kids were playing near the creek that is right behind our home. They came across one long footprint. It was about the size of a woman’s seven or eight. It had three toes pointing forward and one toe at the side, sort of like where your thumb is positioned on your hand. We could clearly see the claws at the end of each toe in the mud.

It looked to be made from something that walked on two legs. From what we could tell, it took a step from a rocky road (it leads to a barn), down into the mud (that made the footprint), then on into the water. We figured that is the reason only one footprint could be seen.

We have shown the pictures to several “experts”, including an anthropologist in Australia. No one could identify this footprint. Especially something that could be native to West Virginia.

A couple of weeks ago (September 2005), while hiking on the farm, my kids came across this very same footprint, again. However, it was way back in the hills, near some big power lines. They did not have a camera with them, so we did not get any pictures. Whatever it is is still around.

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