Children of The Dead

Children of The Dead
Ghost Children / Stock Photo

One day I was sitting on my couch watching some TV with my brother, when our rocking chair starts rocking all by itself. We ignore it at first, and a few minutes later, it does it again for a few seconds and then completely stops. We go over and put something on it!

Later that evening, we both were setting on the couch with my mother, and we hear kids laughing. We look around and there are two little kids about six years old setting (the little girl) in my bedroom doorway and (the little boy) in the bathroom doorway (their right across from each other). They are just sitting there rolling the ball to one another, laughing & giggling having a good time. We all look at each other in shock, and turn back around to see them again, the little girl ran through to the bathroom and disappeared.

Later, I went to bed. In the middle of the night, I felt something sit down on my bed, and that was scary. I never saw anything, so I ignored it because I thought that if it were going to hurt me it would have already done so!

We still see them and hear them every now and then, but none of them ever tries to do anything to us!

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