My Mother’s Visit

My Mother’s Visit
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I do not consider my dream to be anything out of the normal, but you can be your own judge on it. All I know is that a dream saved my sanity.

My mother suffered terribly and died of cancer when she was 45 years old and I was 26. As she lay dying, I wanted so very much to tell her “I love you”, but I did not. I never understood why I could not say it, because I did love her dearly.

After her funeral and burial, I had horrifying nightmares every night, many so bad I was literally trying to climb the walls. I would see her standing beside my bed reaching out to me. I had dreams of her crying out to her children to join her saying, “I’m lonely, come with me”. I had dreams where she would come up out of her grave and chase after us intending to take us back with her. I remember a dream when she went after my children. There was a lot of running and hiding in the dreams that haunted me for two long years.

Then one night I had the most wonderful dream. My mother came to my home just outside Charleston for a visit. It was so real that when I awoke, I could not believe it was only a dream. We were in my kitchen talking and laughing for hours. When she said, it was time for her to go I begged her to stay, but she said she could not. She went outside and I followed her. As she was walking the length of my yard, in tears I called to her repeatedly “I love you mommy, I love you mommy”. At the edge of my yard she turned to me and smiled, then faded away. I awoke from my dream crying, and from that time on, I was free from all nightmares of my mother.

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