The Red Eyes

The Red Eyes
Red Eyed Creature / Stock Photo

Me and my friend was chopping down a bunch of woods by our house. We found a foot print on the ground I yelled “come over here Dylan” and he looked down and saw it. “What was it”, he asked. “I don’t know”. We ran from the woods, because we were scared.

At this time I was 12 and he was 8, so we were very scared, but we got over it. A couple nights later we decided to play basketball, the basketball hoop was about 4 feet from the woods. We was playing a good game when our dog started barking into the woods. We looked. What we saw is very unbelievable and hard to describe.

It was about 7 feet tall, had red eyes and very fury. It was sitting like a frog would, staring at us. We took off running and went into the house. We did not go outside in the dark for weeks.

One night our friends begged us to play spotlight, so we did. There were four of us. Our friend was still counting when I saw a big thing run through the woods. I knew it could not have been one of my friends, because it was really tall. I asked Dylan “what is that “, he looked and said “lets get in the house”. We took off running yelling for Jerry, which was the other person hiding.

We saw him running towards us, we yelled “faster… get over here”, but as we were talking, what we didn’t know was the seeker was already looking for us. All the sudden a flashlight got thrown from the woods it was his. “Where is Franky”, I asked. Then a scream came from the woods. I went running over to the woods, when all the sudden… he got thrown out. He was really high in the air maybe about 6 feet in the air. I asked “Are you alright? Come on get up we got to get out of here”. He was scratched all up down his leg.

What was this? I still wonder to this day, is it still there now could it have been a big foot? To this day we don’t know, but we know one thing for sure, we will never go outside in the dark alone with out grown-ups really close by.

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