The Ghost That Followed Me Home

The Ghost That Followed Me Home
Woodlawn Cemetery / Stock Photo

When I was four years old, my family and I went to visit a cemetery near Fairmont, West Virginia. Since I was only four, I didn’t know the name of the cemetery. We stopped and took a walk through the cemetery. It was only my dad, my older sister (she was five) and me. My mom and my little sister (she was two) stayed in the car. So we didn’t go that far out into the cemetery. We were busy looking at head stones when my dad called us over to look at this little girl’s grave. We did not know who she was but for some reason this grave caught my dad’s attention. The cemetery was so dead and there was nothing but cold dirt on the ground (no grass at all).

Later that day when we got home, everything seemed normal, until we got to the front door. Me and my older sister (Jeni was her name) walked through the door at the same time and we fell flat on our faces. I know this sounds funny, but it hurt. After that, more and more strange things started happening. Nothing disappeared and came back someplace odd, like most ghost stories. Instead, Jeni started hearing a voice of a little girl calling her name. JENIFER…. JENIFER .at first my mom thought it was a nightmare. But my sister never had nightmares. I was only four and didn’t know what to believe. Nothing really happened until later that evening. My parents were out on the porch talking. It was dark and us kids were in our bedroom (we all three shared a room) playing tag. Then we started playing dolls when the lights flickered off and back on again. We ran out to my parents and they said it was probably just the electricity. So we went back to our bedroom. Not even five minutes after we started playing again, the lights flickered again. This time they flickered at least seven times. Then it would stop, and then flicker another three or four times. We ran back out to my parents and they told us to stay outside with them. So we played tag outside, only my little sister Ashley cheated because she was riding her tricycle. That night when we went to sleep, Jeni woke me up and asked me if she heard that noise. I said no, I was asleep. She told me that someone was calling her name over and over.

Although Jeni was the main target in this haunting, strange things happened to everyone. Nothing new happened in the next couple days except the voices my sister heard. Until the day that my sister Jeni was put in the corner. She looked behind her and saw three figures coming towards her. She said that there was one little figure, then right beside it almost touching, was a bigger figure like a man. Right beside him was another tiny figure. My sister got scared and ran to my mom. My mom thought that was weird because she said that when she was pregnant with me, she was lying in bed reading when she looked up and there were three similar figures walking towards the bed. My uncle told her to say “The Lord Is My Shepard” five times and they would go away. It worked for my mom, but not for my sister. She would continue to see these figures off and on.

Then at about 9:00 p.m. my parents were playing Boggle and I fell asleep on the couch. I remember waking up hours later. It was real dark and I was alone… or so I thought. Everyone was asleep and I got up and called my sister’s name. She didn’t answer. So I began walking down the hallway and it felt like something ran right past me. I made it to my bedroom and went to sleep. When morning came, my mom asked me if I saw anything strange last night, I said no. She told me that I fell asleep during the game. After the game, they went to wake me but they said they saw me run down the hallway. But when they looked over, I was still on the couch sound asleep. My mom then knew that there was really something in this house. She said that the ghost looked just like me in every way. She had long blond hair just like me. She was as tall as me too. It kind of freaked me out considering the fact that it was almost like my clone haunting our house. That was the last time anyone saw that ghost except me. I actually got a glimpse of her when I was heading to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I saw her in the living room wandering around as if she was looking for something. Then she looked up at me and vanished. I didn’t care about the bathroom, I ran back to bed. And needless to say, I wet the bed that night.

The next evening, my mom was handing out crackers to us kids. She put some in a cup. We each got our own. My mom asked if she had missed anyone and she heard a voice say, “Mary Ann…You skipped me” but when she turned around, everyone had a cup, including her self.

One night, my sister started hearing two voices call out to her. She said it was a little boy and a little girl. So we did not just have one ghost, but two, possibly three considering the figure of a man. But even if we did have three, the little girl played the most part. Maybe, because we disturbed her peace, at the graveyard. But I think that maybe in a way we helped her find peace. I don’t know how crazy these disturbances must sound. But I know they were pretty scary to me. Cause one day all of the disturbances just suddenly stopped. And we never heard from the ghost again. I don’t think that if we had a haunting now, I would be as scared. I am now fourteen and will be fifteen in July. I know this has happened to me ten years ago, you probably think that I couldn’t remember that year. But I can still see the graveyard and I can remember it, like it was yesterday. We move out of that house when I was five. And I have lived in Klamath Falls ever since.

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