The Beast Of Boaz

The Beast Of Boaz
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Many stories of a strange beasts in West Virginia exist, most of them say a large black fury beast that stands about 7 feet tall when on it’s hind legs, sharp teeth that goes after weaker feed. It is extremely fast and has a deepening growl. It has large, sharp teeth and a snout. My friends and I have had multiple encounters with what the people in my area would like to call “The Beast of Boaz.”

Our first encounter was before I even knew of this beast till that night. My best friend and I were playing flashlight tag with some of my neighbors. My friend was it and he was walking by the woods that have a graveyard in it when he had seen a red glow and then it started chasing after him. Eventually he slipped and fell under a streetlight, took the flashlight and flashed it in its eyes. It ran away but still managed to get a claw on his leg. I started running up where I heard him let off a scream. The next day my friend and I went investigating in the sunlight. We eventually found some dark fur near the area my friend said the beast had run.

The next trip into the realm of finding this beast was at that friend’s house where my best friend had 2 more of my friends and his older brother come over. He actually lives in Boaz unlike me; I live in the town but near the edge of it. But we decided we were going to camp on his property. I was getting a headache and at 12:30 I went inside his house to go get some aspirin. I looked out the window at the tent and noticed something run by, look at me and run into the woods. I ran back outside to ask if they had noticed anything. When I got in the tent they were already packing up and had said something has pressed up against the tent and growled. I told them what I had seen. After this we started telling stories about what had happened to friends at school.

While asking kids about it at my school, one of my female friends stepped forward and told me that one time she and her brother were hiking on their property when they noticed some branches that had been pressed down, as they were going across a fallen tree as a bridge. When they noticed the pressed down brush, a growl came out that sent them running and as they got into a field they felt like they were being chased by something.

The rest of our adventures would take place at another friend’s house that was with us on the second trip. At his house two more people to aid in the hunt joined us. This house had a hill where we would always camp out, but we could only stop halfway up it at a flat piece of land because any further would be past his property and in some dense trees. Our first time we camped there we heard something shaking the trees up on the hill above us and we took off down to my friends house as fast as we could. Once we got there we stayed in his basement. When all my friends had gone to sleep I was having trouble sleeping and I was the one closest to the door and window, but I heard something growl and tell me that it was going to kill me. I looked at the window and saw something brush up against it and I then threw the blanket over me, moved closer to my friends and behind a post and pile of junk.

Another time we were up on his hill and we had a fire fueled by oil going when all of the sudden it went out just as the sun went down. We heard the noises from the denser woods again and took off.

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