The House Ghost Of Relatives

The House Ghost Of Relatives
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It all started one night when I was in my room and all of the sudden something woke me. It was like a cold chill or feeling it was just something not normal, something not right at the time. When I was five years old, I opened my eyes and looked into someone else’s unfamiliar eyes. The person moved back and she wasn’t walking, she was floating. She was an older woman. The next day I told my mom and she asked what the woman had looked like so I described her. She just stared at me and said that I just had described my great grandmother, which I had never seen before or even seen a picture of before. I used to see her every night and sometimes her husband (my great grandfather), would be with her.

Years later I found out that my uncle had slept in that same room one night and the woman had went through the drawers making very loud sounds. And mom would be down in the basement and she would always hear footsteps but no one was home. Once she was in the basement and she heard dishes clanging and water running and she just thought that I was up there doing dishes. When she went upstairs all of the dishes were done and put up and I was never even there and no one but my mom had been there all day.

We moved and I haven’t seen her since I am now 14.

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