Demon Creature Spotted Again

Demon Creature Spotted Again
Werewolf in the Woods / Stock Photo

On or about November 23rd the year I cannot remember. My cousin and I were at a deer camp in Webster County on Cranberry ridge, we were well off the main roads probably 5 miles into the mountains where a 4X4 is needed to go to the camp. Well it was unusually warm that day and it happened to rain extremely hard that evening we were getting ready to cook and my father and uncles had forgotten the lard.

My cousin and I decided we would ride his four-wheeler across Tunnel Ridge into Nicholas County, to get the lard and a few other things we had forgotten. It was still raining hard and it was close to dusk. Therefore, we put on our rain suits and headed out. As we approached Gauley River, the rain started to let up and the clouds started to break.

After pushing the two four-wheelers out of a few huge mud holes it had cleared up rather nice out, you could see the moon and it lit up the ground slightly. Well we stopped to remove our rain coats and he was checking to see how much gas we had left. When I took a drink of my Mt. Dew, I turned to ask him if he wanted a drink, I saw what appeared to be a huge wolf standing on its hind legs behind us on the path. All I could see was a silhouette but the first thing I thought was WEREWOLF (I was only about 16 years old). It had a long snout and long pointy ears and stood at least 6 1/2 feet tall it was all hairy and very intimidating.

I could barely speak I was so terrified but I stammered the words LOOK! He turned and saw it too. We jumped on the four-wheeler and we took off, I was so scared I was afraid to look behind us, I was afraid it would be there chasing us. Let’s just say we were so scared that my cousin forgot to shift from second gear and almost blew up his ATV. We got to our uncle’s house, loaded it up in our aunt’s truck, and made her drive us back to camp that night. Everyone at camp wondered why we did not ride back on the ATV. When we told them, they thought we were making it up. To this day, none believes us.

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