Lucky Or Not?

Lucky Or Not?
Gilbert, WV / Stock Photo

A friend of mine, we will call him Frank, works at a little inn in our small town of Gilbert, West Virginia. He often works the night shift and does sleep overs, which means he is there form 4:00p.m. to 8:00a.m.

When he first started there and until this day he feels like someone or something is watching him, but when he told me that I dismissed it because everyone gets that feeling when they’re alone especially in a strange place. However, yesterday night he told me that when he was folding cloths that the straw holder in the back room started shaking on the microwave. He said it shook for long enough for him it turn around to notice it and see it happening.

He said it could have been a large truck passing, but the microwave is on a solid platform and the roadway is some 40 yards form the inn. Large trucks pass there all the time, we live in the coalfields so there is probably upwards to hundreds passing a day. With all those truck passing nothing in the front office has shook before or has shook since. I told him that ruled out that as being the cause of the shaking.

Even though he never said anything, I believe other things have happen that he hasn’t said about. He said he was going to ask the other guy that works there if he has seen anything. The reason I think he has had other encounters is that he said when he had accepted that fact something was there it has left him alone until now. the other guy there doesn’t pay any attention to it, again he didn’t come out and say it, but I think because the other guy doesn’t come out and acknowledge its existence it bothers his in some form.

The reason I call it “lucky” is because he owned that inn and he died about eight years ago, that is who we think the ghost is but we don’t know for certain if it is him or not. One more thing, on the sleep overs they sleep in the same bed as he did. That is CREEPY!

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