Black Creature Watching Me

Black Creature Watching Me
Black Panther / Stock Photo

My cousin lives on the out-skirts of Morgantown on a place we call Crown Hill. It’s near Rivesville. Well, my cousin and I had a fight at 1:30 AM on 7/23/11. I walk outside to take a breather. In front of me was a large hill with a few scattered trees. I turn on the porch light and sit on the steps. I had the feeling i was being watched and looked at the hill. I saw two glowing eyes. They reflected like a cat’s eye. I thought it was my cousin’s cat named Midnight. Then I thought again. That thing was too big.

I didn’t move, which sent a feeling of stupidity through my body. The creature whines and starts running down the hill. I try to get up quickly but I end up slipping and busting my lip. I get up again and opened the door. I slammed it behind me and the cat hits the door with a large crash. I look out the window and it’s licking up the blood from my lip. I let out a squeak and my cousin comes to me. He sees the cat run up the hill again. I noticed a little white spot on its chest and how long its tail was. The whole cat was about 10 feet long and to its shoulder was the height of a black panther.

I looked up black panther pictures and it looked exactly like them. I never believed that black panthers exist in West Virginia, but seeing the changed my whole mind…

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  1. I SAW THE SAME THING!!!! about a year ago me and my husband was riding our dirtbike through little indian creek,my eyes are very bad without my glasses,i was looking forward and john was looking over the hill at the mudholes,all of sudden i see this LARGE looking cat with a super long tail (ill never forget how long the tail was) run down the hill,across the path,and over the other side of the hill!! john never saw it,it took my breath,i thought it was a lion or panther,everyone i told thought i saw a bobcat but this was no bobcat and it had to be big for me to be able to see those details without glasses,asking around i did come across one more person who is from the area who said he went outside to get air one night after a card game and seen what looked like a huge cat sitting on top of the hill,he went back in to get someone to also look and when he came out it was gone! iam glad to know others are seeing this also!!

  2. I have seen one also it was dark out and late my friend and I were walking from my grandma’s to her house… her house was maybe a mile and a half from my grandma’s and the only one up that holler on Cotton tree it followed us up the holler once we made it to her house we heard screams that sounded like they came from a woman