Beast in the Night!!!!

Beast in the Night!!!!
Scary Wolf / Stock Photo

Hi I am a West Virginia native. This is a true story told by my father when he was a teenager. The family farm where he and my mother still live. It was late on a November night with a deep snow, he woke up and went to the kitchen for a drink of water when something caught his eye.

He went to the window for a look and what he seen to this day he still can’t explain.There is an old tractor road that comes off the hill into the driveway. Standing in the middle of the tractor road was a dog/wolf like animal that looked to be 6 to 7 feet long.

It heard him in the house and when it looked at him he could see its K-9 teeth well past its gum line. It had bright red eyes and walked on top of the snow. He yelled for his father who grabbed a single shot 16-gauge shot-gun. My grandfather slid the window up and tried to fire but the gun’s firing pin broke and would not discharge.

This beast, they both to this day say, GLARED at them for what they think was about 30 seconds, it let out a very loud growl and they said they could tell it was just plain evil. It then turned and walked back up the tractor road and went back into the woods. After about 3 to 5 min they went to look for tracks and this thing left none at all nothing to show it was there. They also had champion coon hounds that was so scared they would not bark or come out of their dog boxes.

My father to this day does not know what they seen nor do I. He still says when ever he looks out that window he can not help but to think about that animal. No one has ever seen it since.

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  1. i seen the same thing about 4 years ago my grand pap shot it with a 12ga and it rolled in the brush the next morning we went to see what it was and it was gone no blood or fur laying around but you could see were it rolled and we are in greene county pa and it ant the first time its been seen around here either

  2. Amazing story! Makes you wonder what it was and where it went. I also wonder if anyone else in WV has had that same experience.