Ghostly Admirer

Ghostly Admirer
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In early 1983, my then husband and I moved into our first house off Mud River Road, in Barboursville, WV.

We had to do some painting and such, but we thought we’d be able to have a comfortable home, along with a nice yard…wrong. From the moment I entered the house, it seemed that something was just not right. I was afraid to go into the bedroom closet, and I felt eyes upon me wherever I was. At times I would sit out on the porch until 2:00 a.m. waiting on my husband to come home, because I was terrified to be in the house alone. I would even feel someone lying on me in bed at night, when nobody was there but me. Sometimes it sounded like a 300-pound man walking in the attic over our bed, and my husband on many occasions took a gun upstairs to see who had invaded the house. Nothing was moved, and nobody was there.

I would feel breath on my neck, and when I would be in the shower, something would pound on the ceiling over me (nobody was there but me).

We had a psychic come to our house, and he indicated that the spirit was not malevolent, and not a threat to anyone. Evidently it was a man who had lived on the land in the 1800’s, and I reminded him of someone he once loved. I guess he followed me around trying to get my attention, and believe me, he did.

I survived 3 years in that house, and left when my marriage broke up. Since I was not comfortable in the house anyway, I made the decision to be the one to leave. My husband said that the day I left, all noises stopped. The ghost was gone. Of course, this has had me looking over my shoulder ever since then, and when something weird happens, I still wonder if I don’t have a spirit as a secret admirer…

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