Big Foot?

Big Foot?
Fake dead Bigfoot / Stock Photo

I went to a friends house in the Bridgeport area to sight in my new rifle. He began to tell me a story of a strange animal that was killed on this farm by the man who owned it before his death.

The farmer was an avid coon hunter and went every night. On one night the farmer’s dogs got on a scent and took off. They ran for about an hour and stopped at the base of a tree as usual. The farmer made his way up the hill to the tree to shoot the coon the dogs had cornered. There was nothing there though. Thinking this was very strange he started to look around when he noticed a tree with it’s limbs shaking. Something was jumping tree to tree to keep from being seen. The farmer finding this very strange went and told my friend what had happened and dismissed it all together.

About a week later the creature done the same trick. This made the old man suspicious because his dogs were very well trained and had never let him down before. This happened for about a month when one night the dogs treed an animal and the farmer got there quickly and shot it. To his surprise it was no coon.

It had long grayish, brown hair and was about five feet tall. It’s hands were human like and it’s feet was more hand like then anything. I told my friend he was crazy so he decided to prove it to me. He told me the old man kept the animal but did not have it mounted cause he was afraid he had done something wrong.

My friend took me to the old barn and there it was. The old man had nailed it’s carcass to the wall. I was shocked it was built a lot like a human had hair 6 or 7 inches long on it. It had very large sharp teeth and resembled some kind of monkey looking creature. I told my friend I wouldn’t say anything about it but I feel that it is my duty to report this. If anyone has any idea what this animal could be please let me know.

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