Weird UFO?

Weird UFO?
UFO / Stock Photo

One night my mom and I were on our way to my grandparent’s house. On the way, mom saw something in the sky and asked me what it was. I looked up and there was a weird shape in the air, like a cone. So my mom stopped the car and rolled down her window. When she rolled down the window, I saw a cat beside the car, staring at us. It had these big orange and yellow eyes. I told mom there was something weird about the cat and she said she wasn’t worried about some stupid cat. She kept on looking at the object in the sky for about five minutes. Then it flew away, so we continued on to my grandparent’s house.

When we got to my grandparent’s house, there was the same cat sitting beside the car. I told mom that it was the same cat and she said I was crazy. How could the cat get ahead of us? Then we heard noises while we where getting clothes out of the car. It sounded like an airplane. We looked up and there was the same UFO, but closer than it was before, it then circled around my grandparent’s house.

The next day, I went out to the car and there was that same cat sitting on my grandparent’s porch. I tried to scare it away, but it just sat there. So I picked it up and started to carry it off the porch. When I was about halfway down the steps, the cat disappeared from my arms. I didn’t feel it jump out of my hands. I turned around and there it was, back in the spot where I picked it up, just staring at me. So I ran inside. I haven’t seen the cat since.

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