White Thing of Ragland

White Thing of Ragland
Ragland, WV / Google Maps
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For a very long time people have told me about the “White Thing” of Ragland, WV, a small community outside of Delbarton, WV in Mingo county. Several trusted friends of mine have told of their encounters with the thing.

One friend said it could run faster than anything he’d ever seen in his life and that it stood up on two legs like a man and was tall. The other two friends were on an atv beside the railroad tracks at the edge of dark and seen a thing run across their path on four legs like a dog, then jump on a stack of railroad ties that are 4 & 1/2 feet tall on two legs before leaping an excess of 10 feet to the hillside.

These boys (15 or 16 at the time) were very shaken up and crying when they returned home. I don’t know anything else about the things in Ragland other than that I trust and believe my friends 100%. They aren’t the only ones who have had these experiences. All I could link them possibly to is the reported satanic worship that was said to have taken place in the bottom, up the road from 24 hollow, which is right beside PEC a battery shop in Ragland.

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  1. I know you and your friends are telling the truth! My mother’s family lives in Delbarton. My mother grew up in a holler there and my mother and many others in her family have seen the white thing. It’s exactly as you described, and they also mentioned that it makes noises where it screams like a woman or cries like a baby. Crazy!

  2. I’ve lived in Ragland since 1969, and have never heard anything about this. I used to Trick or Treat all the way to Brick Row, and walked the roads back and forth, and never heard anything, or saw anything. I find it odd, that I never heard of any “Satanic worship” either. The only thing around here are drug users and makers. Maybe their the one’s seeing and hearing this junk.

  3. I was reading this to my mom and she said that she grew up in that same hollow and she heard a cry at her window and she seen it too.

  4. sounds like it could be a light colored Painter…..particulary with its cries sounding like a woman screaming, or a baby crying ….