Another White Beast Encounter

Another White Beast Encounter
New Cumberland, WV / Stock Photo

I’ve had two encounters with The White Beast. Both occurred around or near my best friend’s house in New Cumberland, West Virginia. I used to spend more time there than at my own home. His dad owned about three acres of land, but only about three-quarters of an acre was cleared for their house and yard. The rest was thick woods.

The first incident occurred around 1994, right in his front yard. We were playing, running in and out of his dad’s small pull-behind camper. Around dusk, we decided to leave the camper and go inside to play some games. I stepped out of the trailer first, followed closely by my friend. When I looked to my right, I saw something that looked like a large, white bear. When my friend looked to see what I was staring at, the thing looked back at us. It was approximately fifty yards away from us. Then it stood up on it’s hind legs and was about six and a half feet tall. It turned and ran through the woods away from us, breaking sticks and medium-sized limbs off of trees as it went.

The next incident occurred around 1999, in the same woods. This time we were camping out in the woods. The only trail leading to the camp site was a little less than a mile long. Around 2 AM, we began hearing something moving around just outside of the light provided by our campfire. All of the sudden, the White Beast appeared out of the darkness and charged at us. We jumped up and ran back to his house, all the while this thing was chasing us. The thing stopped at the wood line and let out a terrible scream. Then it just turned around and headed back into the woods. The next morning, we examined the trail, and the ground was so torn up that it appeared as though someone had taken a tiller all the way out the trail.

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  1. OK i was about 20 when i encountered the white beast for the first time i have been looking for others who have also seen this creature. My friend and I were walking around midnight in Glen Rogers WV in 2009. We were on our way home from walking around out side, there is this curve that is pitch black dark and you cannot see anything around it or in it ,well i had heard something following us the whole way down the road and just brushed it off as some kids or some creepy guy or something so i waited in the light about a half mile from this curve. I had a flash light with me after about 30 minutes of us waiting there we decided to go home. We arrived at said curve and i heard something make this goat like noise, and it kinda gave me the hebie jebies so we switched sides so she wouldn’t be next to the woods. As i turned my flashlight on i saw this tiny kitten and as it was crossing the road about 20 feet ahead it went from being this tiny kitten to this mountain lion like thing only different it was laying down almost so close to the ground that i couldn’t really tell what it was, all of a sudden i shined my light directly on it and saw it stand up and stare at me with these green eyes it had legs that bent inward like a jumping cat i really to this day cant explain what it was or how it was possible but i remember it looking straight at me and smiling kinda with these teeth bared and then Jumping over in to the trees.

    The second time i saw it i was with my boyfriend, in the car, we were arguing in the same area in Glen Rogers, and all of a sudden i looked up and there it was standing in the trees next to the car staring at me and him. I started the car turned it around and drove down the road. When i hit the same curve where i saw it before this deer jumped out scared the Hell out of me, my boyfriend laughed at me but that thing scares the crap out of me every time i think about it.