Lady In White

Lady In White
Lady in White / Stock Photo

One night, when I was about sixteen years old, I had gone to bed and had been asleep for several hours when I awoke with a feeling that someone was in the room with me. As I looked down at the foot of my bed, I saw a woman with long white hair, dressed in a brilliant white gown. I could not see through her, but she appeared translucent. She was smiling at me and the look on her face was one of contentment. I was so horrified that I immediately covered my head with my blanket. I was afraid to bring the blanket down, in fear she would still be there. When I finally did bring it down, she had vanished. I told my father and mother this the next morning and my father laughed and told me I had been dreaming. I knew I was wide awake, though.

Years later, after I had married, my wife and I were staying in the house with our newborn daughter. We had been sleeping in a different room from the one in which I had my experience. My wife was in the room alone, awake, when a woman dressed in a white gown, with her hair in a bun, wearing an old time sun bonnet, appeared standing in the door way. She was staring into the room at our daughter’s bassinet. Like me, my wife also threw her blanket over her head. She said she pulled the blanket down and the lady was still there in the doorway. She was so frightened that she pulled the blanket over her head again. My wife said a feeling of comfort came over her and when she pulled the blanket down a second time, the lady was gone. I asked her later if the woman had white hair. She told me that she did. I then told her of my own sighting of the lady when I was younger.

Except for the sunbonnet and her hair being up, the descriptions of the lady were the same. I grew up in the house that was built by my great grandfather back in the 1800’s. It is located in the town of Ravenswood. The house has always been in my family, so I would say that whoever visits there is some past relative. I like to think that perhaps she is a guardian angel. After these two experiences neither I, nor my wife, have had any encounters with her again. To my knowledge, my wife and I are the only ones who have ever seen her.

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