A Scream Of Terror Of A Female Beast

A Scream Of Terror Of A Female Beast
Fort Ashby Cemetery / findagrave.com
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Every night from 12:00 till 2:00 I take a relaxing walk to the cemetery to walk 40 laps for exercise but on 6-24-03 at 1:45 am at the Fort Ashby Cemetery.

I almost bit and swallowed my tongue when I heard these screams coming from in the woods, it sounded like a female getting raped, or murdered. I went closer to the tree’s to help but it was not human and it was not hurt it ran past me at a high rate of speed and it turned back and looked at me for 4 seconds it was pure white had pointy teeth and had feet of a horse. It ran off, up the remote mountain, you could even hear it scream again from up there. This is not a fake story it is real I am a UFO investigator and Ghost hunter I believe in the paranormal. I know a few other times I heard noises like huge snaps of wood breaking in the woods and small hisses from the woods, but at the time I figured deer and weak tree limbs, the trees are old as it is, but now I wonder. When I go up to the cemetery now I take a camera to try to get a picture of it, if I ever do I will have it on here. Yes I do get chills up my spine when I go up there I am going up there still because I want to get pictures I might never, but I hope I can.

All I can describe about the screams it just sounded like a female with a lot of terror like being stabbed to death that’s all I know and this is my first time encountering something like this.

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