Turnpike UFO

Turnpike UFO
UFO over Highway / Stock Photo

Until my retirement I was a Sergeant on patrol on the WV Turnpike now I77 and I64 between Charleston and Beckley.

Many stories circulated about strange sights and happenings along this highway. In the many years I patrolled this area I never saw anything strange except for one twenty second interval one night while on patrol.

This night something drew my attention skyward. Whether it was lights or I just happened to look skyward, I just don’t know.

I was near Nuckles, or near what was then The Morton Truck Stop now known as the Howard Johnson restaurant about mile 60 on the WV Turnpike. The spot was deep between two hills as it is today.

The object I saw was 1000 feet to 1500 feet high and looked to be 15 to 20 feet across. It was very lit up and sparkled like old time Christmas sparkles at the rear of the UFO.

Within 15 seconds it was gone, dazzling lights and all leaving me dumbfounded. I was so anxious to see someone to ask if they had seen what I saw or what I thought I had seen.

Even though I was convinced that I was wide awake and alert. I decided not to mention the incident to anyone. Then when news stories began to appear in the local daily newspaper about UFO sightings down the river (Dunbar) below Charleston. I volunteered to tell that I had also sighted the same objects. Later, a fellow Turnpike patrolman told of seeing the same sight or object.

All witnesses gave almost identical descriptions, like to this day I remember what this object looked like. I don’t know what it was but I know that I have never seen anything before or since that resembled this object.

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