The Two Red Eyes Of Death

The Two Red Eyes Of Death
Red Eyes / Stock Photo

My sister and my brother-in-law came to moms to visit one night, and we were all telling ghost stories. Mom was telling us the story of the bride’s head, and dad had just got through telling us the story of the house he use to live in on Wolf Creek. My brother-in-law spoke up and said he had a story he would like to tell.

He started by asking if we have ever been told the story of the two red eyes of death. He told us that some people have seen two red eyes in the woods, and everyone that has seen it, died. He also told us no one knew what it was. Some people said it had the shape as a big black cat, some thought it was the return of the moth man, some say it looked like a shadow, and some think that its got no shape at all, just the eyes.

He said right before his great aunt died, she was talking about two red eyes she had seen one night in the woods looking out the window. His uncle saw the same thing only he was walking home one night, and then he died. His fourth cousin saw two red eyes in the doorway of the barn when he was going to feed the dogs.

He also told us that it was not only them, but everyone who has ever seen the red eyes is all dead. It could have been a warning to let them know their time had come, one thing for sure, I never want to see the two red eyes of death.

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