Morgan House Part II

Morgan House Part II
Ghostly Girl / Stock Photo

My sister wrote in earlier about our house and how our dead grandfather is haunting it, but I am convinced that there is another presence in this house. A female presence. This is my story. One night, it was about 1 o’clock in the morning and I could not sleep. I was lying on my back in my bedroom. It is always cold in my room so I had the covers on me. I heard my door creak open just an inch. I looked up to see who it was thinking it was one of my sisters trying to scare me or something. All I saw was a bodiless nose with a voice. I still thought it could have been one of my sisters trying to scare me but all of the lights were off in the house and I have lived there my entire life and I still can not get around my house without tripping over something. The voice said my name in a whisper. I looked and asked “What?”.

“Marlenea” the female said again only this time a little louder. This time I was scared. It didn’t even sound like my sisters. It said my name one last time before it stopped and left me to cower under my covers until my mom woke up.

That was not the last encounter with her though. That same year on a warm summer night, I woke up due to a noise I heard in my room. I looked in the general direction of the noise to see what was making it. What I saw was something that just was not right. A woman with long white hair and a white dress was standing behind my fan just looking at me. It was too dark to see her face but I could feel her presence. The room dropped down in degrees and I wanted to cry out but I was too afraid that something would happen. She just kept looking at me as if she knew me, but I did not know her. I was too scared to close my eyes even. I finally closed my eyes and counted to three then opened them and she was not there but her presence was.

I knew my room was always cold and dark for a reason and it is the same room my grandfather was murdered in 28 years before (except in his case it was where his kitchen was). My room is by far the creepiest room in the house with it being so creepy in the dark with shadows dancing on the wall. I am convinced that our house is haunted by not only our grandfather’s ghost but also a spirit that isn’t as friendly. A woman. I am not sure who she is or how she died but it has something to do with my room and I am scared in it now.

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