Night Ghost

Night Ghost
Watching Television / Stock Photo

When I was 12, I went over to my friend’s house. We always liked to tell ghost stories to each other. One day we were telling ghost stories and she said that her room was haunted. I thought she was kidding so I thought nothing of it.

It was midnight when we went to bed. Her mom was telling us to keep the TV on because the ghost does not like the TV. We turned on the TV and watched Full House. After we were done watching that, we told ghost stories. She said that we should see if the ghost would show itself by telling ghost stories.

We did not see anything so we went to bed. It was about 3:00 am when we woke up for a snack. We looked over by her TV and it was turned off. We thought that maybe her mom turned it off. We looked over and saw a bright figure standing in this corner. It appeared to be looking at us. We ran downstairs and told her mom. Her mom had been up watching TV.

Her mom came up and there was nothing there. She said we were just seeing things. She stayed up there with us and turned the TV back on. It was about 15 minutes when it turned off. She looked over and saw the woman standing there looking at us. The woman never hurt us but just watching us.

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