The Mobile & The Doll

The Mobile & The Doll
Porcelain Doll Green Dress / Stock Photo

The two stories I am about to tell was told to me by my second and third cousins. The first story happened to my third cousin when he was a baby. He had a wind up mobile that would play music and would turn as it played; the only thing was it would sometimes play by its self without being wound up. One night, it started playing and would not stop.

My second cousin who was all alone (just her and the baby), called her mom to find out what she should do. She told her to get it out of the house as fast as she could. She took a garbage bag, put the toy in it, it still playing, took it outside and set it on fire. The toy played the whole time it was burning and would not stop until it was nothing but ash.

The second story is about a porcelain doll. It happened to the same child in the first story, only he was a little bit older. There use to be a room up stairs in my second cousin’s old home place where they kept things. One night, my second cousin went up stairs to have a look around.

When they found him, he was starring at an old porcelain doll. It had a green dress on, dark hair, and brown eyes. He just kept starring at it, as if he was in a trance or something. The doll seemed to be looking him in the eyes, finally they pulled him away from it and he was all right, but he did not want to go back up to that room as long as the doll was there.

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