The Creature Of Slip Hill

The Creature Of Slip Hill
Red Eyes / Stock Photo

The following takes place near Parsons, WV.

Late one night, my husband and I, were on our way home from my parent’s house. They live out in the country on an old back road on a stretch of road called, Slip Hill. It is very dark there at night.

We were almost to the end of it and up ahead the lights of our truck shone on two red eyes. I thought I was seeing things. I asked my husband, “What was that”, and he said, “I don’t know, but it has red eyes”. When we got up to the place where we saw it, we stopped. My husband who was driving rolled down his window and was looking down over the hill, but could not see anything. The whole time we were setting there, I was getting a bad feeling coming over me. I kept asking him to please go. I was really scared. I just kept imagining it jumping up and grabbing him. I could feel that is what it was going to do. Finally, I did get him to get going. He was very scared as well. I must say my husband is not one to scare very easy and no animal has ever made him feel the way he did that night. He also likes to hunt and he said that he never has seen anything like those eyes before. Both of us could tell that it was big and it was evil.

That was about six years ago and still to this day we do not know what we saw. Every time I go past that place, I cannot help to think of the creature we saw that night.

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