The Prom Ghost

The Prom Ghost
Ghost Woman on Road / Stock Photo

One day about a week from Halloween, I was outside riding my bike close to the steps that take you up town. The second time I passed the steps I heard someone say, “Hello”. I had no clue who it could be but I was curious so I turned around. I saw a girl that looked somewhat poor with a dirty prom dress on, it looked like she was ran over by a car. I asked her what her name was and she said Sophie. I told her my name was Brianna.

Then we got into a conversation and I asked her what she was doing around here. She said she was waiting for her boyfriend Ricky to pick her up for the prom. It was not even time for the prom but I did not know that until after all this happened. Then she asked if I saw an old Buick kind of dirty and blue colored. I said I have not seen that kind of car around but it does not mean it did not go by sometime.

Then I turned around because my aunt Jean was talking to me, we were talking for a while, I turned back around and the strange girl disappeared. I thought she went away for a walk or something so I went off to ride my bike. When I came back to the steps, I saw here again, I asked her where she went and then she said she was up in a tree watching me. Then I got a little scared, my aunt Jean was calling me again because we were about to go to Kmart to get Halloween decorations, I told her good bye and went off.

No one really said anything about it until about a year later. Everyone was telling ghost stories that they encountered. I told my aunt Sharon about it and she said she saw her before and heard about her on the internet. After that, I done a lot of research about the girl but did not find very much but a couple stories like mine. It seemed like, after that, my friends had been seeing someone similar every week before Halloween.

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