The House On Tuppers Creek Road

The House On Tuppers Creek Road
Pitch Fork / Stock Photo

In the old house on Tuppers Creek road in Sissionsville, West Virginia deep in the holler where grandma raised her children, many unusual things occurred.

One story of unusual activity took place one brisk October morning while grandma and grandpa
were stacking firewood in the shed preparing for the coming winter, the winters could be brutal in 1920’s West Virginia, Grandma always made sure she had canned plenty of food for the winter as well. Grandpa was nearly done stacking the wood when suddenly they heard a loud disturbance in the house, rustling and what sounded like a mad dog growling and snarling and knocking over furniture.

The noise was so loud it could be heard clearly in the wood shed some twenty yards from the house. Fearing for the safety of my infant father who was sleeping in his crib, my grandpa grabbed a pitchfork and started running toward the house.

The noise seemed to get louder and the commotion more intense the closer grandpa got to the house. Not knowing what to expect grandpa finally reached the back porch and dashed up the steps and pushed open the door with the extended pitchfork… only to find complete silence?

Grandma soon reached the house as well and quickly went to the bedroom to find the baby sleeping peacefully in his crib, having never even been awakened by the commotion. Grandma and grandpa thoroughly searched the house but found nothing out of place not so much as a crooked picture on the wall, no evidence that anything or anybody had been in the house.

For grandma and grandpa it was just another unexplainable event at that old house way back in the holler, it wasn’t the first one and certainly would not be the last.

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