The House On Wolf Pen Drive

The House On Wolf Pen Drive
Wolf Pen Drive / Google Maps

It was a very boring night for me, my boyfriend, my two best friends and my niece. We were all sitting around my house with nothing to do, and some how got on the subject of ghosts.

My niece’s friend had relatives who lived on Wolf Pen Drive in Sissonville WV and had had many problems with the ghost of a small child. A mischievous little girl who locked and unlocked all the neighborhood cars was frequently spotted walking down the road, in early 1800’s dress.

I had heard similar stories from a friend who had lived in the area, she told of a large spooky Victorian house, that supposedly a little girl lived there and was run over by a wagon, her distraught parents never had any more children, and that the house was still standing. A graveyard was up above on a hill, and once while walking to school, a coffin had somehow washed up in the road!

Now hearing all this, we decided to find the house, go inside and check it out! We all headed up to the area, found this huge, creepy and once burned carcass of a house. My niece (this was her big idea, remember), chickened out and stayed in the car with another friend. My best friend, my boyfriend and I armed with one flashlight (no one was getting that away from me!) entered through the back into a kitchen area. There were signs of a fire and a box of fairly recent clothes on the floor. The floorboards were rotten, so very carefully we crept upstairs. All the while my friends were screaming at me because I was basically running with the flashlight (I am no chicken, but I wanted this over with ASAP!) We came to the main bedroom. Odd thing, still had gas lights? And no sign of electricity whatsoever.. weird! Anyway, the walls were painted blood red… and tons of Satanic graffiti. This was very, very creepy!

I think we all pretty much wanted to get out of there when we heard a very large thump downstairs! I don’t even remember running down those rotten stairs, but once outside we considered either going back in to investigate, or going to the cellar… then again… THUMP! We kinda gave up those ideas, real fast, returned to the car and drove back home sharing our adventure with the chickens in the car.

Later on, I talked to my friend who grew up in the area, and we came to find out that a small group of Satan worshiping people hung out in there. They even made the local news with animal sacrifices, and even went so far as to try to raise a friend killed recently from the dead. He had been killed during the Charleston Sternwheel Regatta after he fell through the Southside Bridge. This was one creepy place, and yes we heard and felt an odd presence… maybe just negative energy from those Satanists, but I have not been back, and have heard someone finally burned the place down, after a few unsuccessful attempts! I for one do not plan to ever go back to the area, but I also hear the graveyard on the hill is a nice spot for hauntings as well.

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