The House Next Door

The House Next Door
Dog Howling / Stock Photo

I need you to realize that our house was not the only house on Childers Road to have problems. Our son used to go next door, to play with the next-door neighbor’s daughter.

While he was over there one time, they turned the lights off to watch TV. He said that it got very cold, and then they saw what looked like two red eyes looking at them. They turned the lights on real fast and the eyes went away.

Another time when he was over next door, he came home telling me that it had gotten very cold again. Then all of the sudden, it was as something jumped on his back; he had ran through the house screaming. He could feel whatever it was and feel the weight from it, but could not see anything. He swore to me that, that house had a demon in it.

Sometimes late at night you could hear their dog howling at something from inside their house.

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