Mount Vernon Cemetery

Mount Vernon Cemetery
Mount Vernon Cemetery /

Where is the creepiest place to be at night, you got a cemetery, so why did my friends and me go there, who knows, but we did. We decided that it would be fun to go and wait to see if we could see anything.

I had always heard that ghosts do not hang around a cemetery, who ever started that rumor is definitely wrong. I had pulled the car right up into the cemetery, still on the little road of course. We were outside leaning against the trunk of the car, I was drinking a Coke. My friend next to me hit me with his elbow, and said to me, “What is that?” I looked and moving through the cemetery right toward us was this gray colored mist, fog right, wrong it was about the size of a person, and there was no fog anywhere. We stood there frozen; it kept moving and went right passed us.

We should have left right then, but needless to say, we didn’t. We were still standing in the same spots, when we heard people talking, at first we thought someone else was there, wrong again. The voices kept getting closer until they sounded like they were right beside us, we could not see anyone. That’s when we decided we should leave. Now, the road was too small to turn the car around, so we had to drive through the cemetery. While driving through it we saw several of those gray mist shapes, I just kept driving. There used to be a church that sat on the cemetery property, it has since burnt down, when we drove past it the door opened, there was no one there.

Later I dated a girl that lived passed the cemetery; she told me that she always heard strange noises coming from there, especially the church.

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