The House Across The Street

The House Across The Street
Georgian House / Stock Photo

We decided to move. So we moved into this house right across the street. It did not change anything. We would hear noises under the house, in the attic, even in the house. The water would turn on by itself. Lights would turn on or turn off.

Our son told us that he saw these little furry things running around the hall at night. He even told us that he could hear voices, but could not make out what they were saying.

Our son and some of his friends decided to use the Ouija Board, just to see what they could find out. The board would not work very well for anyone but me; I later found out that Ouija Boards do not work well for non-adults.

We were sitting at the kitchen table because it was round and easier to work off. When I ask if anyone was present, the board pointed to yes. When I asked their name, it pointed to the initials MB. When I asked if they had been there long, it said yes. I again asked their name, it only pointed to MB again. I asked if they were going to stay in this house, it said yes. It never would spell out its name, only the initials MB. It then stopped answering questions. Remember I said we were at the kitchen table, behind the table were three shelves; before we finished, several items on the shelves fell off into the floor.

Several months later, I ran into someone who knew me from work. They asked me where we were living for some reason. When I told them, they got this blank look on their face, she said her family used to live their. She proceeded to tell me that she had an aunt, MB; I’ll not say the name in case the family doesn’t want it known. When this aunt and her family lived in our house, the aunt just disappeared one night and was never seen or heard from again.

We continued to hear and see things until we moved from this house, but at least we think we know who it was.

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