The Lady That Never Left Only Moved

The Lady That Never Left Only Moved
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When I was twelve years old my parents informed me we were relocating due to my dad’s employment. I was scared due to a new school and new surroundings, and we were going to a property my mom inherited from her parents. It took several months to get ready, so long in fact that they decided to purchase a mobile home instead of building a house. My older sister had the perfect one for them and it had only been lived in a few years! Everything went as planned and my room was at the end of the hall from the kitchen and the weird thing is this didn’t scare me!

I would wake every single night at exactly 2:30 and look down at the end of the hall, I could see this old lady; her hair pulled up in a perfect bun, wearing a black knee length dress, and black dress shoes with gold buckles on top. She was a little heavy set with chubby cheeks, she stood just turned a little to one side with her arms folded and the look on her face was as though she wondered what we were doing in her home. I saw this lady for months before I’d say anything and when I finally did it really scared my sister because I described the lady who had owned and had died in that same trailer! My parents wouldn’t tell me because they figured I’d be afraid.

I’m thirty-six years old now and I can still see her in my mind perfectly.

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