The Haunted Basement House

The Haunted Basement House
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Me, my husband and our 2 young sons moved into a basement house on Brushy Ridge Road in May of 1992. The first couple of weeks were pleasant. After that things got really crazy. My husband was never home when things began happening.

The first time I saw the ghost it was a floating, shapeless, white thing. This went on 4 or more times a day for about 2 weeks. Then the ghost was still floating, shapeless but now it was black. I have seen a lot of ghosts in my life but none like this one. A couple of weeks went by like that.

One morning about 1am, I was up and saw my husband off to work. When I went to my bedroom door I saw an old wrinkled disfigured-face on my bed. There was no body, just that face. It appeared many more times over a period of 4 months. I saw it on a folded blanket, my sofa, the wall, even on a small bag in my bathroom. I truly believe my husband saw it that time. My oldest son who was 7 at the time saw it in the kitchen in the middle of the night but it was a black figure of a man when it appeared to him.

I heard someone walking on my roof every night and never found any footprints. My dog would bark and growl at night and look in a specific direction. I know he saw it too. I always felt someone watching me and following me. It was so creepy. It watched me leave and waited for me to come home.

At last I began seeing headlights and hearing a pick up truck that sounded just like the one we had. This only happened when my husband had the truck away with him. The headlights were only at dusk or dark.

I don’t know how many of you believe in spirit possession but I do. It was happening to me in that horrible basement house. I began getting violent with my husband. I threw things at him, hit him, screamed obscenities and threatened him. I was verbally mean with my 2 sons. The last thing that happened could have been deadly. I grabbed a gun and was going to shoot myself. My husband got it from me and held me down on the bed. I remember screaming at him that I hated him. Over and over I said things. My husband told my grandmother that my eyes turned from blue to black and it was like fire shooting from them. I don’t remember most of the last incident. I blacked out.

We immediately moved back to New Martinsville. But my story doesn’t quite end here. My tormentor followed me. In the new place the ghost appeared as a black man figure. It would be there every night tormenting me. I thought I was going crazy. It would walk back and forth through my trailer at night. The last time the ghost appeared it was behind me. I could feel it there. I just lost it to the point of screaming at it to leave me and my home. It worked. I have had a couple of other experiences but none as bad as that one.

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