The Ghost

The Ghost
Buffalo Statue / Stock Photo

My boyfriend is, to say the least, a very levelheaded individual, not at all one to make up stories. Therefore, whenever he told me these two stories, I believed him instantly, because he just does not have it in him to create such wild stories.

Anyway, one night he was staying with his aunt who lives in an old remodeled house. All of the bedrooms are in the new part. Well, my boyfriend was sleeping in the living room one night when he awoke to a well dressed man standing over him that said “Hello, young man.” and stuck out his hand for my boyfriend to shake, and he shook his hand and went back to sleep.

Now my boyfriend’s family is big Marshall University football fans. She actually has four or five large statues of buffalo on her mantel in the living room (buffalo is the mascot), not just large statues, but heavy too, about 50 pounds.

Anyway, the next morning he woke up and all the statues were in the floor. At breakfast, he asked his aunt if she had been cleaning and how she got the statues off the mantel and who was the man that came over last night. She smiled and looked at him and said, “I see you’ve met our ghost.”

My boyfriend is now not such a skeptic.

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