The Ghost In My Attic

The Ghost In My Attic
Ghost in the Attic / Stock Photo

One night I was sitting in my living room watching TV with all the lights off by myself. Then all of a sudden I heard something. I looked around and thought maybe it was one of my dogs, but then I heard it again and my dogs were right beside of me. So I knew it wasn’t either of them.

I looked up and it came from my attic. It sounded like someone was walking around really fast and then running. I was so scared! Then it seemed like I wasn’t alone in the room. It seemed like someone was in the room with me. Then I felt a cold breeze go across my legs, that’s when I really got scared. After I felt that, I closed my eyes and fell asleep and when I woke up in the morning it was like no one was around except for me. It was really creepy and freaky!

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