The Evil Ghost

The Evil Ghost
Fairmont Road Sign / Stock Photo
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My brothers and some of their friends live in a big, old house in Fairmont, WV for college. Soon after they moved in, they began hearing weird noises and doors slamming. They checked with the most recent owners of the house and they had a picture of the house.

Nothing was unusual about the picture, other than the fact that there was an odd human shaped figure standing in the window, when the house was completely empty. About a year later, they still kept hearing weird noises. I went down to visit for about a week. Around the third day, while everyone was in class, I heard something moving around downstairs.

I went down to examine the noises. I saw nothing, but heard same noises I heard earlier. I ran upstairs and turned on the TV. About a half-hour later, I heard a door slam shut downstairs. I thought it was my brothers or one of their friends getting home from class. I waited upstairs for someone to come up, no one did. I turned on the stereo and turned both the TV and the stereo up as loud as they would go so I wouldn’t hear the rest of the noises.

Soon after, being strong Christians, they preyed that if it was an evil spirit in the house, it would go away. My brother was home alone one day. He was getting ready to go out with his girlfriend to the movies. He locked all the doors and windows and went to take a shower. While he was taking a shower, he heard someone moving around in the living room. He got out of the shower as quick as he could. When he got out, every door and window was wide open, but no one was to be found in the house.

Soon after that, being strong Christians, they all prayed that if it were an evil spirit in the house, the good Lord would take it away. It has been two years since then, they haven’t heard nor seen anything strange in the house.

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