The Ghost Of My Best Friend

The Ghost Of My Best Friend
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About two years ago my friend Stacey died of cancer. She used to stay at my house all the time. Well a few months ago I kept hearing someone sing me and Stacey’s favorite song off of the movie Little Rascals, called “Love”. I don’t remember who sings it. I was home alone that evening. I went in my room and I saw a figure, but it disappeared. I had pictures of Stacey in my room, she would always put them face down. When I go in my room those pictures are always turned around. I know it’s her. I still feel like she is here with me. I never had a friend like her, and I never will.

Other Comments: Her and I would always ride the four-wheeler. This year we bought a new one. And for no reason it goes off all the time or speeds up without me pushing the gas. She used to do that all the time.

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